Course overview

This is a 2-day onsite course teaches SPC fundamentals, concepts and applications in manufacturing and service organization.

Data collection and interpretation; development of control charts and determining of process capabilities are key aspects of any SPC implementation enabling companies to make proper and effective decisions to bring their processes under control.

Course practice workshops are tailored to be site specific allowing students to practice SPC methods for their processes with real data.

Who should attend?

This course is recommended for quality managers, supervisors, professionals, and engineers who are responsible to review, monitor and improved manufacturing / product/service realization processes.

Internal and supplier auditors may also take this course to utilize SPC knowledge when conducting audits.

Course Type

Public; Instructor-Led

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course participants will learn:

  • To understand concepts and application of SPC and how it integrates into a quality management system
  • To understand and differentiate natural variation vs.  assignable variance
  • How to collect data and establish control charts
  • How to use and interpret control charts for process control and monitoring purposes
  • To select and use the suitable control chart
  • How to identify out of control occurrences on SPC charts
  • How to use SPC to determine process capability


Topics covered

  • What is SPC, Definitions and terminologies
  • Introduction to normal distribution and other types of useful distributions
  • SPC and Control chart set-up and prerequisites
  • X-Bar and R chart
  • X-bar and standard deviation chart
  • Moving Range chart
  • P-chart
  • np-chart
  • c-chart
  • u-chart
  • Short Run Charts

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