Certification Process


Contractual Agreement

Upon receiving your application, we prepare a comprehensive contract covering certification terms and conditions. Once signed, we provide you with procedures and guidelines to facilitate the certification process.


Audit Planning

Our expert audit team is assigned to your company, and the lead auditor contacts you to collect the necessary information for audit planning. After reviewing the data, the lead auditor prepares and submits the stage 1 audit schedule.


Stage 1 Audit (On-Site Readiness Review)

In this initial stage, we verify your organization’s readiness for certification and decide whether to proceed with the stage 2 audit. The lead auditor collects essential information, including management system documentation, site-specific conditions, and scope of audit.


Stage 2 Audit (Certification Audit)

This onsite audit evaluates your organization’s conformity to requirements and the effectiveness of your management system. Our auditors conduct interviews, review documentation, and observe operations. Once completed, the audit package is submitted to the certification committee for review.


Certification Decision Process

BCI’s Registration Committee reviews the audit information to make the final certification decision. Upon meeting all requirements, we proceed with certification issuance, and you receive your certificate valid for three years.


Certificate Issuance

After certification approval, we notify you in writing and submit the certificate.


Maintaining Certification through Surveillance Audit

We maintain your certification through ongoing surveillance audits, ensuring compliance with management system standards.


Recertification Audits

Prior to certificate expiration, we conduct recertification audits to ensure continued compliance and improvement.


Certificate Suspension and Withdrawal

In rare cases, certification may be suspended or withdrawn for non-compliance or other valid reasons. The process involves formal communication and the opportunity for resolution.

Our Commitment

At BCI Certification Body, we are dedicated to providing a smooth and transparent certification journey, helping your organization achieve its goals with integrity and professionalism. Trust us to be your reliable partner in excellence. If you have any questions or wish to begin the certification process, please contact us today.

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Our certification process consists of the following main steps:

  1. Contractual Agreement:
    After processing your application for certification, we prepare a contract which covers certification terms and conditions. After signing the contract, we will provide procedures and guidelines for certification
  2. Audit Planning:
    At this step; an audit team is assigned to your company. An audit team leader will contact you for collecting required information for audit planning purposes. Once information is complete and reviewed, lead auditor will prepare and submit stage 1 audit schedule.
  3. Stage 1 audit (On site Readiness Review):
    This is the first stage of certification process. BCI verifies the readiness of your organization’s management system to decide whether to continue with registration (Stage 2) audit. During this stage the lead auditor collects required information such as management system documentation, locations and site-specific conditions, scope of audit and other necessary information. Upon satisfactory completion of stage 1 audit, lead auditor prepares a detailed audit schedule for stage 2 certification audit.
  4. Stage 2 audit (Certification Audit):
    This is an onsite audit to evaluate conformity to the requirements and effectiveness of your organization’s management system. During the audit required information will be collected for conformity assessment purposes. This audit activity is a combination of interviewing personnel, reviewing documented information and observing operations. Upon satisfactory completion of this stage, audit team will put together an audit package which includes stage 1, stage 2, as well as supporting audit records. The audit package will then be submitted to certification committee for review and final disposition.
  5. Certification Decision Process:
    Upon receiving an audit package, BCI’s Registration Committee will be held to review audit information and make final certification decision. If audit requirements deemed satisfactory and are met, certification will be proceeding and a certificate will be issued. Certificates are valid for three years from the date of certification decision pending on successful surveillance audit.
  6. Certificate issuance:
    BCI Global notifies the organization in writing and submit the certificate.