Certification Mark Use Policy

At BCI Certification Body, our certification and accreditation marks serve as symbols of trust and compliance with management system standards. Certified organizations by BCI Global may use certification marks under the following certain conditions:

Scope of Certification:

The marks are exclusively intended for use within the scope of certification, reflecting your organization’s certified management system.

Marketing Use:

When used for marketing purposes, ensure that the marks do not imply product certification, as they are specific to management system compliance.

Product and Packaging Use:

Avoid using the marks on products and their primary packaging to prevent confusion with product certification. However, they may be applied on larger boxes, overpackaging, or wrappers not reaching the end customer.

Stationery and Marketing Material:

Incorporate the Certification and Accreditation Marks on stationery such as sales and contractual documents, letterheads, business cards, invoices, compliment slips, and delivery slips. Utilize them in advertising, including displays, posters, TV advertisements, promotional videos, websites, and brochures. You may also use them on outdoor advertisements like billboards, signs, flags, and vehicles.

Promotional Goods:

Use the marks on promotional goods like pocket diaries, coffee mugs, coasters, and doormats to highlight your organization’s certified status.

Accreditation Marks:

Ensure that Accreditation Marks appear closely associated with the Certification Mark when used in conjunction.


Avoid using the Certification Mark or the Accreditation Mark on test reports or certificates of compliance, such as calibration certificates or certificates of analysis.

Website Use:

Utilize the Certification Mark on your organization’s website to showcase your commitment to certified management systems.

Suspension, Withdrawal, or Cancellation:

If the certificate is suspended, withdrawn, or canceled, discontinue using the Certification and Accreditation Marks immediately.

Misuse Consequences:

Misusing the certification and accreditation marks may result in corrective action, withdrawal of certification, and, if necessary, legal action.

At BCI Certification Body, we prioritize the proper use of our marks to maintain transparency and uphold the credibility of your certified management system. Should you have any inquiries or require assistance, feel free to contact us.

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